Clubs offer ways to explore cultures

Lisa Nguyen, Staff Writer

Expressing one’s culture is not solely restricted to home.  With the numerous clubs on campus representing a range of ethnic, racial and social diversity, students are able to celebrate their culture, as well as other cultures, at school.

These clubs offer students the chance to explore their culture, understand its unique aspects and feel pride for their heritage.

“I feel proud to be in a club where I am able to embrace my roots,” senior Jacob Rugnao, co-president of Kababayan Club, said.

When members of some clubs meet, one goal is to preserve their language and keep it alive by speaking it during the meetings.

“We speak Spanish to each other all the time,” senior Danny Cordova, who is president of BC Latinos, said.

Moreover, to keep in touch with their ancestral roots, BC Latinos practice dances that originated from their ancestors.

“We try to revolve everything we do around where we came from,” Cordova said.

However, embracing culture is not limited to one’s own culture.  Anyone can participate in a club regardless of their ethnicity.

“I joined Punjabi Club this year because I was always interested in Punjabi culture,” senior Monica Dang said.  “I learned about the traditional clothing, how the dance celebrates the harvest, and some words in the language.”

Most of the cultural clubs on campus express their cultures through dancing, but others focus on awareness and the community.

Black Student Union (BSU) held a Black History Month event on February 20.  The event was free and featured an informational historical powerpoint, poetry readings, and crab.

“The event was great,” senior Andi Nelson, a member of BSU, said.  “We had a full house and we got a lot of support from students, parents, and the community.”

BSU also focuses on concerns of the Stockton community.  The club has held a canned food and clothing drive to benefit local charities.

Clubs give students the ability to come together and celebrate cultural diversity.

Many students agree that without these clubs on campus, they would not be able to experience the sense of comfort and togetherness from bonding with one another.

“I feel like I have the freedom to express my culture with other people like me,” Nelson said. “We’re all like a family.”