Fans mourn Flappy Bird’s demise

Jacob Williams, Opinion Editor

Within the last few months, thousands of people have played the infamous app Flappy Bird and lamented the fate of the fallen bird.

In a  mad rush, people began playing the game and obsessing over keeping aloft the tiny bird. The premise of the game is deceivingly elementary: simply tap the screen to push up the bird and navigate through a series of pipes as long as possible.Being a game of endurance, players cannot ever beat Flappy Bird; they can only do better—though often worse—than previously.

But that hasn’t stopped people from trying to win, and because every game will end in a loss, frustration has mounted within gamers.

After each game, many players become even more determined to conquer flappy bird. Many players complain that the game is too difficult, as attested by their scores of three and five.

“Who the hell said it was easy!” junior Amelia Cook said. “It’s one of the hardest games I’ve ever played. I think what makes the game frustrating is that it’s so easy to run into those stupid poles and the fact that it requires patience, which a lot of teenagers, including myself, don’t have.”

Some social media comedians uploaded videos promising a method of attaining invincibility.

They open the app, play the game until they lose, and subsequently destroy their phone.

One player screamed a vulgarity, threw his phone into a blender, and hit frappe. Another player took a hammer to his phone, splintering the screen and flattening the battery pack. One teen videotaped his friend hurling the phone across the room after his patience with Flappy Bird wore thin.

The Flappy Bird hysteria became so engorged that Dong Nguyen, the game’s creator, removed the game from app stores. This move only further enraged fans of the game.

Nguyen received hate mail and even death threats from outraged Flappy Bird fanatics, when he took down the app. “‘I will murder you,’ one wrote. ‘Kill yourself,’ wrote another,’” reports Joe Kloc in his “Newsweek” article “Flappy Bird Creator Says His Game Was Too Addictive.”

Mobile devices retain their previously downloaded copies of the game, and devices that have Flappy Bird have become highly-sought after collectibles online.

Flappy Bird players’ new great fury is spent admonishing parents or friends for deleting the app from whatever device contains it, knowing that Nguyen says it will not return.

In such instances, withdrawal-stricken players satiate their Flappy Bird demands through the numerous clones and spin-offs, including the following: Splashy Fish, Clumsy Bird, and Flying Cyrus.

“I think people are trying too hard,” Cook said. “If it’s gone, it’s gone. But there never will be exactly the same thing as Flappy Bird.”