Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo: The Fairy Prommother

Jasmine Santos, Editor-in-Chief & News Editor

Fairy Godmothers may not exist, but Stockton has its very own Fairy Prommother. Jacqueline Faylor, a hair stylist at Southern Exposure, started a grassroots program to help students who may not have sufficient funds to pay for the expenses of prom.


Faylor began the program because she wanted have more opportunities to help beautify girls and boost their confidence. She and a few of her friends came together to create the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo program that offers free prom dresses, formal hair styling, make up and manicures to selected qualifying students.


Faylor prides the program in not only aiding girls, but boys as well. The Stockton based program is the first program of its sort in the nation that offers aid to boys. Faylor has made arrangements with Formal Connections as well as other private sponsors to help fund the program.


“It’s a lot of work,” Faylor said, “but it’s really rewarding.”


Students who are unable to go to prom because of financial reasons are the program’s target recipients. High school counselors at Chavez, Stagg, St. Mary’s, Lincoln and Bear Creek high schools choose the students to be awarded the aid from the program.


Avid teacher Lisa Deeter was contacted by Faylor to be the advocate of the program for the Bear Creek counselors.


“She (Faylor) called me, and I forwarded an email to all counselors in Bear Creek, and the counselors refer students back to me and then I contact her,” Deeter said. “I really like the program because prom is like a rite of passage and some students who truly want to go to prom decide not to go because it’s too expensive.”


The program offers a trial run of hair and makeup for the girls as well as a dress adoption day. The boys are given free tuxedo rentals.


Deeter estimates that five girls and two boys from Bear Creek were chosen to receive the award. A few of the chosen recipients are seniors Saemoni Butler, Alyda Reyes, and Rochele Powell.


“I’m really excited and really grateful for it,” Butler said. “My mom and I were stressing about  how to get my hair and make up done, but with this, I didn’t need to worry about it anymore.”


The program is in its third year and Faylor would like to have big fundraising event to be able to branch out to more schools and help more students.