Red Cross Club wins Adopt-a-Green Space contest


Brianna Aznar, Staff Writer

Bear Creek’s LIFE club was recognized for its efforts in beautifying the campus with the adopt-a-green space project at the 26th annual Earth Day held on April 6.

At the Earth Day event multiple schools and clubs participated in promoting the importance of caring for the Earth and its natural resources. The purpose of Earth day is to achieve its mission of education, recycling, and conserving.

Student volunteers helped with educational activities that informed participants of the value of Earth.

“Most activities revolved around children,” Red Cross president Anthony Tran, a senior, said. “It was a successful event with the number of volunteers and people that showed up.”

“I think the event was successful because it informed people how they could take part in conserving the natural resources and improving the environment,” LIFE Club member Golden Nguyen, a junior, said. “I had a good experience, and I learned a lot about how to take care of Earth.”

At the beginning of the school year AP U.S. History teacher and LIFE club advisor Beth Oesterman was received grant of $250. A requirement of the grant was to present how the club used the money in the adopt-a-green space project at Earth Day.

The members of LIFE Club displayed a photo book showing the growth of the adopt-a-green space project from the start of the campus renovation, to its present state

“We presented what we did with the adopt-a-green space project and what we were able to achieve with the money we received from the grant,” LIFE Club coordinator Sophaline Chuong, a senior, said. .

A total of 255 students, 17 teachers and staff, the Lodi Garden Society President, and a UC master gardener were involved with the adopt-a-green space event on March 18 and 19.

“I was overwhelmed by the high turnout and support we received during the two days of the campus clean-up and beautification,” Oesterman said. “I think the numbers speak for themselves.”

Bear Creek’s Life Club earned a congressional recognition certificate from Congressman Jerry McNerney.

After months of hard work pulling weeds and planting bushes, the Red Cross Club earned the first place $100 prize; the Art club earned $75 for second place.