Oesterman trades Bruin hat for Lodi flame

Oesterman trades Bruin hat for Lodi flame

Tom Vo, Staff Writer

Students say they will miss her engaging APUSH lectures

With the 2013-2014 school year coming to a close, next school year will hold many changes for Bear Creek students. One of these changes will include the  departure of Beth Oesterman, Bear Creek’s AP United States History (APUSH) and CP World History teacher as well as the advisor of L.I.F.E club.

“This was my first teaching job and I have worked at Bear Creek for 15 years,” Oesterman said. “I have been teaching APUSH for 10 years and have been the L.I.F.E.  club adviser for seven years…assistant coach for cross country and track for 5 years…and adviser for the Kababayan Club for three years when I first started teaching.”

Oesterman says she is leaving for personal reasons and convenience.

“I live about four minutes from Lodi High and my husband works at Lodi High as well,” Oesterman said. “But the main reason I have made the decision to transfer is because of my two young daughters, Cami and Chloe, who are ages nine and four respectively. As they grow older I would like to be more involved in their after school activities, and I think that it will be an asset to teach in the same community I live in.”

Students were both saddened and surprised by this news because they have grown accustomed to Oesterman’s friendly and caring presence on campus. However they also respect her decision.

“I was absolutely shocked when I found out about it,” junior May Simpson said. “I couldn’t believe it at first because everyone knew how much she loved BC and its students, but it’s understandable and great that her daughters come first.”

As Bear Creek’s sole Advanced Placement United States history teacher, Oesterman stressed the importance of success in the class in order to do well on the AP exam.

I have made the decision to transfer… because of my two young daughters Cami and Chloe.”

— AP U.S. History teacher Beth Oesterman

“Mrs. Oesterman is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had in my academic career,” Simpson said. “Her lectures are informative, interesting, and easy to understand. It’s obvious that she puts her best efforts in them…she’s really funny and I love her perceptiveness and attitude — honest, considerate, and righteous.”

Oesterman dedicated her time after school by organizing tutorials for students to attend. There, students had the opportunity to ask questions or catch up on assignments if they were behind.

“When I had Mrs. Oesterman last year, she would always go over her lectures so that every student would understand the material before moving on,” senior Benito Ornelas-Paleaz said. “Her afterschool tutorial sessions were also very helpful before exams and extra help if it was necessary.”

With Oesterman’s departure established, there is only one question left behind: who will replace Oesterman as Bear Creek’s AP United States History teacher?


“I am not sure who will be hired as the new APUSH teacher for next year,” Oesterman said. “My only advice is to encourage them to set high standards for their students and to follow those same standards themselves.”

Along with some advice for the next APUSH teacher, Oesterman shares some words of wisdom for students to take to heart.

“To students, I advise them to take on those opportunities, to challenge themselves and to involve themselves in a positive activity on campus,” Oesterman said. “We never know what our students are capable of until they are given an opportunity to showcase their talents and interests.”