How my parents met…

Jessica Nguyen, Editor-in-Chief & News Editor

Every couple has their own love story. Bruins share how their parents met—at work, college or even Bear Creek High School.

“They went to Bear Creek together,” senior Tommy Le said. “At first my mom didn’t like him, but they had a class together.”

Not all high school couples have a typical, sappy love story. Some involve family history.

“My parents met in high school because my dad went out with my aunt,” senior Jeri Ripoyla said. “Then he dated my mom.”

Sophomore Xolani Harrison’s grandparents met in college.

“He spilled his drink on her textbook just so he could talk to her, but he bought her a new one after,” Harrison said.

Although school is one source for couples to get together, some find their soulmates at work.

“They worked together,” junior Zachary Victorio said of his parents. “They were co-workers. He was a janitor, and she worked at the front desk.

“They just fell in love,” Victorio added.

Sophomore Destiny Stone’s parents fell into love at first glance.

“She was getting the groceries out of the car,” Stone said. “[My] dad was parked across the street. The moment she saw him, she knew he was the one.”

Junior Caitlyn Wilson’s parents fell in love on the first date—but it was not just any date.

“My dad had three girlfriends at the time,” Wilson said. “My dad took the initiative to start to court my mom when he was on a date with one of his girlfriends. [He] ditched the girl for my mother, and they…fell in love.”

Although couples meet at school, work, or even while on another date, some parents did not marry with the intention of love.

“My parents had an arranged marriage,” an anonymous senior said. “Cambodians usually arrange you with someone else.”

Keeping the cultural tradition is key for some individuals.

Junior Omar Attie’s father married for the opportunity to immigrate to America from Afghanistan.

“My mom lived in America [at the time],” Attie said. “They met over a photo. He sent my uncle to ask for my mom’s hand in marriage.”

Whether it be for love or a life opportunity, every couple has their own unique “first meeting” story.