Posting rules lead to confusion in ASB election

Thuy Ngo , Feature Editor

Elections for student body positions dominated the halls and walls of Bear Creek High School the past two weeks, with many students vying for the most creative campaign slogans. However, the placement of these campaign posters was not without controversy.

“The rule on campus is ‘no signs on anything except bulletin boards,’ so, yes, when I see things hanging on poles I tear them down,” Speech and Debate teacher Karen Minick said. “If I can’t put it there, then nobody else should either, right?”

Minick admitted to tearing down several posters around campus.

Unbeknownst to Minick at the time, the students running in the election were given different rules by Student Government adviser Michael Heberle.

“Anyone who is running is allowed to post things anywhere except the bulletin boards,” Heberle confirmed. “Because there are around 40 people running in the election, and limited space available on the bulletin board, it would give an unfair advantage for one candidate … to monopolize it.”

Students not only took advantage of the bulletin boards, but posted items on poles, doors, and even chalked slogans on the walkways. In every crook and cranny of the school, an advertising campaign could be found.

“I understand that there was some misunderstanding regarding this practice, but I am not aware of any printed regulations for hanging campaign posters,” Principal Bill Atterberry said regarding the confusion over the rules for campaign posters.

Some candidates expressed frustrations at having their posters torn down.

“I put it [poster] up on the poles you see when you first enter the school from the student parking lot and it was torn down by the end of the day,” sophomore Grachelle Hipolito said. “All of the other posters that were also there were still there, so mine was the only one that ‘disappeared.’”

In addition to clarifying the placement of the posters, Minick said she would like to see the candidates participate in debates so they could show their goals and develop a coherent platform of ideas.

“Personally, I would like to see real debates for the major ASB positions so not only would it be more like a ‘real’ election, but hopefully less of a ‘popularity contest’ because kids could vote on issues and not just name recognition,” Minick said.

Although people running for positions in the student body go through interviews with Heberle and current ASB members, they do not debate publicly. Heberle says the idea is a good one, but there are practical constraints to consider.

“A cute idea in theory but it falls short on the practical application side,” Heberle said. “I am not opposed to that, but when would it happen? What time of day? Who would run it? That is one of those things that is easy to say we ‘should’ do, but when push comes to shove, the resources are not available for something like that.

“The election is not just based on votes,” Heberle added. “There are categories in which candidates get points. For ASB positions, there are three categories: interview, application, and votes.”

Not only did candidates put their face and name out on the walls of BC, but they also came up with witty slogans and creative posters

“I saw one that said to vote for someone for commissioner of sports and that he was a great catch, get it?” senior Romuel Trocino said.

“I see a lot of people put selfies on their campaign poster and it’s funny,” junior Peter Ha said.

The creativity of the campaign posters have improved over the years but this election year has shown the use of other strategies rather than traditional “vote for ____” posters.

The winners of the election were announced on Monday, May 12. ASB president is Jay Halva and Vice President is Brandon Miramontes. ASB Secretary and Treasurer is Devin Pinzon and Carolyn Rieber, respectively. Senior class President is Isabelle Rodriguez. Commissioner of Sports, Publicity, and Public Relations is Lawrence Nguyen, Chastity Davis, and Regan Fry, respectively. The senior class Vice President is Jacque De Leon. The assembly members are Ella Egonio, Katherine Tupper, Quinn Ryan, and Tommy Thrush.

Junior class President is Anna Knezovich. The assembly members are Anissa Ypon, Mason Aguila, Meagan Metrovich, and Reagan Systema.

The Sophomore class President is Amena Ayesh. The assembly members are McKenna Chitwood, Jenna Collins, and Brian Burna Trout.