Summer school program returns

For the first time since the summer of 2009, the Lodi Unified School District will be offering summer school to students.

According to Bear Creek’s website, summer school is intended to help students who need to make up a class if they are credit deficient or are not on track to graduate. Those who have failed a class or needs to repeat a course to receive credits towards graduation are encouraged to sign up.

However, summer school is not limited to only those who need to make up a class.

“Because of a limited number of spots, priority is to take students who need to recover credits over those trying to get ahead,” counselor Ivan Tunnell said. “However, if the class does not fill up, I imagine those getting ahead may get into the class.”

Registrar Betty Abel adds, “Anyone can sign up and try to register because if there are not enough students to teach, there will be no class.”

The first session will run June 9 to June 24. The second semester run will run June 25 to July 11. All classes will be held from Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. until 12:55 p.m.

Summer school will offer the following courses: English 9 CP, H.S. Algebra, Algebra 1 CP, Geometry Applied & CP, English 10 CP, English 11 CP, U.S. History CP, World History CP, Physical Ed. 1 & 2, Health & Safety, Driver’s Ed, and Earth/Physical Science CP.

Attendance is mandatory. Students must attend the first day of the session and may only miss one day in each semester. Student who miss more than one day will be dropped from the class and lose all credit.

Tardies are not permitted as well: “There are no excused absences! Three tardies will be equivalent to one absence,” the summer school flyer reads.

Priority is to take students who need to recover credits over those trying to get ahead. However, if the class does not fill up, I imagine those getting ahead may get into the class.”

— Counselor Ivan Tunnell

A total of 400 spots are available, which will be split into two locations: 200 spots for students living in North Stockton for classes offered at Bear Creek High School and 200 spots for students living in Lodi where classes will be held at Tokay High School.

“We only have one-fourth of the space that we typically have because the summer school approval was approved through the teacher’s salary restoration in March,” Tunnell said. “Since summer school was approved at that time, there was not enough time to run a full summer school program.”

Many students are happy to have summer school reinstated. The students main concern for summer school is to make up credits.

“I find summer school beneficial because I can make up my credits and not be behind,” freshman Troi Mack said. “I am able to take time off of adult school.”

According to Abel, approximately 25 percent of the current ninth, tenth, and eleventh graders are credit deficient.

“It’s my own fault that I have to take summer school so I’m glad that they offer it,” sophomore Danielle Ramos said.

Other students can use the courses to make up required courses not mandated at their previous school.

“Because I transferred to this school from Stockton Early College Academy, we did not have the same graduation requirements, so I have to take summer school,” junior Salvador Andrade said. “I’m glad that I don’t have to take time out of the school year to make up the credit but I am sad that it will take up a majority of my summer.”