Spring sports wrap-up

Brandon Miramontes, Sports Editor


The varsity boys finished the season 7-1 and shared first place with the Franklin boys for the SJAA league. The varsity girls held the same season record as the boys and also placed first.

“Hard work at practice and non-stop training is a large factor to our success,” freshman Jasmin Tran said.

Having three varsity girls and six varsity boys graduate last year, the girls and especially the boys had to work extremely hard to continue the success the team has had.

The badminton team had open-gym over the summer, pre-season conditioning from September to October and January, and conditioning during season.

Conditioning ranged from running miles to running up and down bleachers to doing footwork.

“We practice three hours every day and work on footwork and shots,” sophomore Ashley Hoang said. “We have to run miles and do all these leg workouts like lunges.”

The girls’ biggest rivals were Chavez and Franklin.

“The girls’ last game against Chavez at home was probably the most nerve-wrecking and also the best game against them,” Tran said. “We had a tie record and those matches were our tie-breaking games against them to determine if we would be first or not.”

The boys’ biggest rival was Franklin.

“The Franklin boys are really tough competitors,” junior Anthony Bo said.   “They hustle and really make us move.”

Next year, the team hopes to continue to improve and work on stamina, shots, and footwork.



Despite two of their starters getting injured, the varsity baseball team ended the season with a 9-6 record.

“We’ve all come together and done well this year, despite all the injuries we’ve had,” senior Kainoa Umbay said. “Even though we lost some talent, we were still able to pull through with more wins than losses.”

With the loss of two key players, the team stressed teamwork and cooperation.

“Last year, it was a lot of individuals who were caring about stats and this year we’re more of a team,” senior Brooks Green said.

“We have more chemistry with each other,” junior Lawrence Nguyen said. “We know each other better than last year’s team and we get along better.”

The boys’ strengths were their pitching and defense.
“Our pitching got better in our games,” Nguyen said.   “There aren’t that many walks.”

The team’s primary rivals were Lodi and Tracy.

The boys’ best game was their home game against Lincoln. Within the first inning, the Trojans had four runs scored and the Bruins had one. By second inning, the Trojans had a total of seven runs scored and the Bruins five. The boys made a comeback in the third inning, preventing the Trojans from making any successful runs while making six more themselves. The team won the game 11-7.



The varsity boys and girls ended their season with 3-2 record.

The team credits their success to the supportive environment and the increase in committed members who continuously work to improve their times.

“We have a lot of fast swimmers and more team members that are dedicated,” junior Kelsi Reed said.

“I feel like the team is closer in a way,” sophomore Sidney Moreno said. “We’re all one big family and we all encourage one another to do better.”

“Our foundation, our coaches, really help,” sophomore Jack Stensland said.

The boys and girls came in third in league meet overall.

The boys’ biggest rival was Lodi. The girls’ biggest rivals were Lodi and Lincoln.

“Lincoln and Lodi give us the most competition and push us to do our best,” Moreno said. “They push us harder.”

The best meet for the boys was against Lincoln. The team won both relays they participated in but were unable to win overall due to the lack of swimmers.

The team’s goals for next year are to work on improving times and recruiting more members.



With it being the team’s first year, the girls and boys did well.

“Most of us have never dived before, except for one person,” senior Jarviel Rayford said.

Having practices Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday in the late evening at Delta College made the season difficult.

“We work extra hard when we make it to practice,” senior Emily Gahn said.

Coach Robert Wimberle at Delta College, however, was a significant factor in both teams’ successes.

“I would credit our success to Heberle for signing us up with one of the best coaches in Stockton and getting the chance to dive with him,” junior Jessi Loza said.

“Our coach at Delta taught us a lot in the short time that we had and kept us motivated,” senior Jared Rivera said.

The team looks to expand and improve next year.



The varsity girls ended with a season record of 13-2 and an overall record of 22-5.

The success is largely due to better team chemistry. The girls also improved their hitting and defense.

“We get along really well,” senior Nicolette Kramer said. “We work with each other’s strengths and weaknesses. There’s also a lot less drama than last year.”

“There’s way less drama than last year,” junior Chasity Davis said. “We all wanted to work together as a team and we learned that, together, we can achieve more.”

The girls’ strengths are defense and teamwork. Their weaknesses are the gaps in between and overcoming personal weaknesses.

Tracy and Lodi were the girls’ main rivals.

The team’s goal for next year is to have a better record than this year.



Men’s Golf

The men’s golf team ended the season 4-6.

The boys’ hard work and determination led to a successful season.
“This is probably the best team I’ve seen in the last four years or so,” coach Mike Lynch said.

“Everyone got rid of simple mistakes, stupid mistakes that you would make at the beginning of the year,” senior Cameron Alcoriza said.

Lynch said team captain senior Phillip English was a primary factor for the team’s success.

“I believe his leadership with the other kids, his sense of humor, his work ethic, and his willingness to share what he’s good at has really helped all the other players become a lot better,” Lynch said.

The team worked together this year to help each other improve in scoring.

The team’s biggest rivals were Lincoln, Tracy, and Lodi.

“We gave all three of those teams a scare this year but they got us each time,” Lynch said.

The best meet based on stats was against Chavez with the team having 212 points overall. Lynch says the best meet was against Lincoln, however, as the match showed the integrity of the team.

“It was a great match that showed the integrity of our kids,” Lynch said. “One of our players called a penalty on himself that cost us three strokes because he has that kind of integrity. We ended up losing that match as a team. That was probably my proudest moment of the year. The kids understood that honesty was more important than victory and I very much appreciated being a part of a team that behaved in such a manner.”

As all the members of the team are seniors, Lynch needs to build a whole new team next year.

“I hope I can develop enough interest in Bear Creek,” Lynch said.



Track and Field

The varsity boys and girls were undefeated. The boys ended with a season record of 4-0-1 and tied for first with Lodi. The girls ended the season with a record of 5-0 and were sole SJAA champions.

“This has been, as far as season record goes and our success on the track, probably our most successful season maybe ever,” coach Jason Johnson said.

This year’s success is largely due to the talent of the student athletes and the team chemistry.

“The heart and desire and the hard work in the student athletes has really paid off for them,” Johnson said.

“The athletes are really driven and determined to win,” junior James Luyun said. “And we’re really one big family.”

A number of the athletes are among the top ranks in Bear Creek’s section of 185 high schools, including senior Jelia Brice-Montgomery in the 100 and 200 meters, senior Jelani Brice-Moore in the 200 and 400 meters, senior Steven Hill in the 800 meters, senior Alexandria Alcantara in the triple jump, senior Clarissa Menil in the 100 and 300 meters hurdles, and senior Jordan Ang in the 110 meter hurdles, the pole vault, long jump and triple jump.

The distance runners have also done well this year. There are currently four runners below or at five minutes in the one mile run — the largest number so far.

“We have some kids doing really well, not only in our team and in our league but in the entire section and really in Northern California,” Johnson said.

There were some difficulties this year, as this was a transition year consisting of many changes. Differences in mindsets among coaches and athletes arose, but in the end, the team worked things through and made everything work.

“Ultimately, we always have to keep in mind that this is about the kids, for the kids, and that helps keeps our team focused and driven,” Johnson said.

Historically, the boys’ main rival has been Lincoln, but this year, Tracy was the boys’ rival.

“The meet against Tracy was really close, with a three point difference,” Luyun said. “There was a lot of competition and tension in the air.”
“Our team handled all the other teams in league pretty well but Tracy was a fight,” Johnson said.

The girls’ rival was Lodi. The two teams are both 4-0 — the only two teams undefeated.

Next year, Johnson wants to continue to build the foundation the team has worked on for the past years and welcome underclassmen into the track family, as well as find out how the team fits in the new league.

“It’s going to be a fun challenge what role we will play in this new league,” Johnson said.



Women’s Soccer

Women’s varsity soccer started of well in the pre-season but didn’t do so well in season, ending with a record of 0-7-1.

“We had a lot of injuries so it was harder to play at our full potential,” senior Lily Ochoa said.

This year, however, the girls really became a family, making it easier to cooperate with one another and play well. The girls have also improved on defense.

“We really bonded as a team and learned to man-mark, instead of marking just our area,” junior Abril Huaman said.

The team’s biggest rival was Lincoln.

The best game of the season was against Chavez.

“We lost 1-0 but the whole team played really hard,” Huaman said.



Men’s Tennis

The men’s varsity tennis team ended the season with a record of 4-6, an improvement of last season’s record of 2-8. The boys placed fourth in league.

With Nguyen’s second year of coaching and the addition of an assistant coach, practices this year were more disciplined and organized.

“I was more comfortable with my title and coaching,” Nguyen said. “That helped a lot. At the same time, I built a stronger relationship with returning players and that helped with team chemistry.”

“Having another coach has been really helpful because last season it was difficult having just one person coach twelve people,” sophomore Victor Lu said.

Over the season, all the boys have improved on their offensive and defensive shots.

“We all improved a lot, even the people that just picked up a racket this year,” sophomore Rylan Ladion said. “All the coaches, seniors, and everyone else there try to help each other.”

The bond between teammates and coaches has become stronger this year.

“We’re definitely more of a family and more united,” Ladion said.

“On the courts, we always work hard and support one another,” Nguyen said. “There’s a lot of camaraderie in the team.”

The team’s biggest rivals were Lincoln and Lodi.

Unfortunately, Nguyen won’t be coaching next year, as he has finished his teaching credentials and will be moving out of the area to teach.

“Hopefully they’ll be able to get a coach that will work well with them and will make the transition,” Nguyen said. “I hope the athletes are still as supported and challenged as they were this year.”