Get the Look with Brooke: Three Comfy and Cute Outfit Ideas

Brooke Shimasaki, Co-Online Feature Editor/Blogger

We all have those mornings when you push the snooze button one too many times, those mornings when you realize that the shirt you were planning to wear is still in the hamper, those mornings when you just want to go to school in your pajamas. And it’s easy to throw on shorts and a tee shirt; they’re a quick and comfortable go-to outfit.
But there is no need to choose comfort over style. Here are a few ideas that are the perfect compromise between comfy and cute!

Brooke I

Flowy shorts are perfect for those days when you don’t feel like changing out of your PJs. The beauty of flowy shorts is that they give the “put together” look of a skirt while providing the comfort usually found in pajama bottoms.

Brooke II

Throw on a dress in the morning and you’re ready to go (save time by not having to decide on a top and bottom). A paisley, floral print keeps the look feminine and fun. These bohemian, music festival inspired patterns have been sported by runway models and celebrities alike. Dress down any look with a simple pair of sandals in order to make the outfit a perfect balance between trendy and laid back.

Brooke III

The crop top and maxi skirt duo is ideal for those mornings when you have absolutely no idea what to wear. A solid colored maxi skirt can be easily paired with almost any sleeveless top. These skirts help elongate and slim down any figure.