The Hypocrisy of Lodi Stadium 12 Cinemas

Emma Garcia, Co-Online Opinion Editor/Blogger

I am never leaving my room again. Two weekends ago, I decided to actually have a social life and go to the movies with my friend, Megan. We went to see The Giver, which had come out the day before. It was an early movie so there weren’t many people in the theater. We got our popcorn, talked to the friendly ticket guy, Steve (you all know the one), who was telling us about the saddest movies he’s ever seen, tried not to stare at the cute guy working at the concessions stand that we had never seen before, then went into the movie.

The movie was in the very back theater, Number 9, which was all the way down the hall and around the left corner. We took our seats and enjoyed the movie.

When I got home I started watching TV in my favorite chair. My mom came in and told me to change my clothes because Lodi Theater had just closed down the theater I had just been in so they could inspect it for bed bugs. I changed and vacuumed my chair like I had never vacuumed before. I was not losing this chair because Lodi couldn’t keep their own seats clean.

Frankly, this whole thing completely pisses me off. Everyone is aware of the occasional snobbiness that comes from Lodi and this establishment, especially when the movie theater and downtown’s theater are compared. Because of this, I find it completely hypocritical that the theater I almost got bed bugs from is the “cleaner” one.

I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that at this moment I’m holding off my “all the things I hate about Lodi” rant. I’m saving that for another day, another time. Possibly before we play Lodi in football.

If we play them. Stupid league change.

Stupid Lodi.