Stockton home to the ‘hottest’ women in U.S.

Cameron Morelli, Editor-in-Chief

According to a popular online rating site entitled “Hot or Not,” Stockton is home to the hottest men and women in the United States.

Created in 2000 by Silicon Valley engineers Jim Young and James Hong, the website “Hot or Not” was soon converted into an app with over 10 million users in the United States and 190 million users around the world. The app enables users to post images of themselves and rate other users’ attractiveness on a scale of one to 10.

According to its website, “Hot or Not” is “the only app using votes of its users to create dynamic lists of the hottest people.” Using Facebook to join the app, users can browse profiles, show their own profile, increase their popularity and connect with others.

As reported by the company, Stockton’s females ranked number one among women and its males ranked number five among men. In fact, Stockton is the only city in the country to have both genders place in the top five. Bear Creek students had a variety of opinions regarding Stockton’s ranking on the site and some questioned the validity of the results.

Freshman Rafael Barajas is stunned by how high Stockton’s males and females were rated.

“I’m shocked because we’re not really known for good things,” Barajas said, “I guess there are some cute people here, but not enough to be ranked number one.”

Barajas is also surprised that the citizens of an ordinary town like Stockton were voted “hotter” than the citizens of more urban and well-known cities. “I’m surprised we’re ranked number one over Los Angeles,” Barajas said.

Meanwhile, senior Angie Huynh says that it is difficult to measure the “hotness” of a city due to varying opinions among society.

“I think it depends on your taste in women, but I think they’re pretty average or decent looking [in Stockton],” Huynh said.

Despite the unexpected results from the app, students believe that Stockton being in the news for something positive is a good substitute for making headlines for crime or violence.

“I guess we’d rather be in the news for having hot women than for murder,” senior Haley Pfeifer said.

Freshman Clarissa Reyes, who has heard about Stockton’s placement, is not surprised by the results; she presumes that Stockton’s ethnic diversity attracts many different types of people, resulting in Stockton’s high placement.

“There is a lot of diversity [in Stockton],” Reyes said. “People like different types of ethnicities and there is a large selection in Stockton.”

Other students find the whole concept of the app to be pointless and believe that the pictures that people post on the app don’t accurately represent the entirety of any city.

“I think the whole app is superficial,” senior May Simpson said.

Others go further in their criticisms saying that Stockton’s high ranking may even give the city a promiscuous reputation. “People who want people to rate them high post pictures that are seductive,” Simpson said. “It’s shallow. I don’t think it’s healthy.”