Rerun Hell

Emma Garcia, Staff Writer

If I finish season four by today, season five by September 17th, season six by September 23rd, season seven by September 26th, season eight by October 3rd, and season nine by 8:59pm on October 7th, I can make it. That may involve failing pre-calculus and being pretty antisocial until then, but I can make it.

What am I trying to finish? I want to watch all nine seasons of Supernatural before the tenth starts on October 7th at 9:00pm. I have already gone too long being behind on this show and I will not be stuck watching season five or six while the awesomeness of season ten is running. I am already frustrated trying to find season nine (it’s not on Netflix yet) and I can’t do that again.


Rerun hell /ˈrēˌrən hel/: When you are watching an entire series but because you are behind and the newest seasons aren’t on Netflix yet, you are stuck trying to record all of them so you can somehow eventually watch them in order (sometimes takes years).

Luckily I am ahead of schedule because of the beauty that is the three day weekend. A combination of that and the fact that season three was only sixteen episodes instead of twenty-three bought me three extra days. Which was helpful because at the time I only had two days scheduled for season nine.

Unfortunately, due to my extreme long-term exposure to the paranormal, I may have become a little paranoid. I was in the dressing rooms the other day and it was dark and since I was just putting my duffle bag in there I didn’t turn on the light. But apparently I didn’t keep the door open well enough and it slammed shut and I was in complete darkness. You know what I immediately thought? Not “maybe I should turn on the light.” No, it was “this is how I die.”

I’m just hoping that I finish it before my mom cuts me off.