Voices: District must make sacrifices in response to budget cuts

Kristen Lam, Editor-in-Chief

Budget cuts are unfortunately an inevitable challenge schools have to face post-Proposition 13. Enacted in 1978, the reduction of property tax rates has resulted in a long-term deficit in California’s education budget. Bear Creek’s ASP and ASB are not alone; districts across the state are having to make compromises.

Extremely stressful, the sunsets of the ASSETS grant and food service deal have demanded and will continue to call for increased prioritization and efficiency. Innovative approaches to fundraising must be initiated. ASP and ASB have a laborious year ahead of them.

The greatest progress, however, is often made in the face of adversity. The leaders of ASP and ASB have the opportunity to exponentially improve their budget management in light of their deficits. Our Bruins are more than up to the task, but they should not have to undertake it.

You can only hold so many car washes and pizza nights. Funding for both academic programs has reached a critical stage and it’s only going to get worse. With the loss of the ASSETS grant and the ASB funding we may not be able to fund aspects that have become essential to the Bear Creek experience. Not only are college field trips and Sober Grad Night in jeopardy, but enrichment programs such as Science Olympiad, Speech and Debate, and The Bruin Voice are scrambling for funds without the support of ASB.

It is imperative that the district step in by devoting more funds from the LCAP to what’s really important: student education and enrichment. The pockets of administrative services do not need to be lined any further. Enrichment programs, vital components to the education system that prepare students outside the classroom, must be prioritized. Ensuring students have the best opportunities is, after all, the mission of LUSD’s Board of Education.