Fall Outfits Straight from the Runway

Brooke Shimasaki, Staff Writer

Ready or not, fall is coming! After sweating through the entire summer, it’s a relief to see sweaters and scarves making their comeback. Sadly, not everyone has enough cash to buy a completely new wardrobe for the autumn months. So, here are a few up and coming fall trends that can easily be paired with basic pieces that you already own. Hope this helps make the smooth transition from summer to fall.

normcore1 normcore2

Normcore, coined by the New York Times, is a combination of “normal” and hard core.”
The idea of normcore, or “standing out by blending in,” is taking over the runways! This minimalistic, menswear inspired look is easy to recreate by incorporating simple and lose fitting pieces into everyday attire. Keep the outfit modest by pairing gray jeans with a loose top, fitted blazer, and loafers. Because it’s a perfect combination of causal and business, this normcore inspired outfit is perfect for busy school days, going to dinner with friends, or spending the weekend at the mall.

leather1 leather2

Okay, so real leather is a bit out of the average gal’s price range but not to fret. Forever 21 and H&M have the cheaper and animal-friendly solution: faux leather. Not only are these fake leather pieces environmentally friendly but they also require little maintenance and can be produced in almost any color. For a school-friendly outfit, subtly incorporate this popular trend by sporting leggings with leather detailing and a simple blouse or tee. Feeling a bit more daring? Try on a detailed leather skirt with a cozy, cropped sweater and black booties.

Extra Long Outerwear
outerwear1 outerwear2

Long peacoats make any outfit feel glamorous, as if you should be walking down the streets of New York instead of the hall of high school. Sadly, it is never cold enough in Nor Cal to sport those heavy coats. A great autumn alternative is snuggling up in a long, oversized sweater with leggings and a casual pair of boots.