The Magic of Couches

Emma Garcia, Staff Writer

Is it odd that when I think about comfort, I think about a couch? With the weather changing and it getting dark earlier I keep wanting to just curl up on a couch and watch TV or something.

I don’t think I’m the only one. Some classic TV shows have appreciated the magic of a good couch as well.

Think about classic TV shows. Now think about classic TV shows that have a couch as an important part of the set. The first show I think of is Friends. In practically every episode (maybe every episode but I don’t want to say every episode and be wrong) you see the six main characters — Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, and Joey — at their local coffee shop, Central Perk, curled up on the famed orange couch, which was apparently found in the basement of a Warner Brothers Studio building.


Note: This is even more relevant due to the fact that during the past month (from September 17th and October 18th) Central Perk was recreated in Manhattan to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the show. I am still recovering from not being able to go. Also, it was announced yesterday that Friends will be on Netflix starting on January 1st. I know what I’m doing during winter break!

Another classic TV show with a famous, though less famous than the Friends couch, was Seinfeld, the classic “show about nothing.” A majority of the show takes place in two places: the fictional Monk’s cafe and Jerry’s apartment. And in Jerry’s apartment, in the middle of his living room, was a couch.

It was a very non-descript couch. Actually it should probably be considered a love seat. It was blue with large cushions that the characters seemed to just sink into when they sat down. It was the epitome of a comfortable couch.


The last of the classic TV show couches is an old one. An oldie but a goodie, you could say. It was on The Cosby Show, which premiered in September of 1984. Naturally, the couch looked very ‘80s. But it was the spot where the more serious points of the show took place.


Okay so that’s all folks! I’m sorry if you wanted a more interesting topic this week but I think it’s pretty interesting and I have control over what I write about so you can survive with reading about famous couches.