Creek Crazies are still asking: where’s the shirt? the towel?


We bleed blue and gray!: Creek Crazies cheer the Bruin football team to victory. Club members are disputing last year’s membership fees.

Brooke Shimasaki, Co-Online Feature Editor

Fans can see the Creek Crazies’ smiling faces as they cheer Bear Creek Athletics to victory.  But last year, those smiles were long gone when the club made promises that it could not keep.

During the 2013-2014 school year, Creek Crazies President Brooks Green collected $25 from approximately 35 members, which supposedly covered club dues, t-shirts, a rally towel, and spirit supplies — but by the end of the year, the supplies and money were nowhere to be found.

Both in person and through social media, club members requested refunds; members say Green avoided the requests and current Creek Crazies President Jay Halva denied the refunds.

“The class of 2014 Creek Crazies failed and we will not be held accountable for their failures,” the official Creek Crazies Twitter account said.

Halva maintains that last year the $25 only went toward club membership.

“They might have verbally promised other things and had a flier, but the club dues were $25 and the $25 did not have to go toward anything else,” Halva said.

Typically, club dues vary between $5 and $15.  The money is put towards different causes depending on the club.

Senior Kaitlin Vang, President of Swing Club, explains that the $5 club dues are mainly used for International Rally costumes.

“The money is used for anyone that can’t pay for the costumes,” Vang said.  “Since we make our costumes, the money is used to buy fabric and anything else we need.”

According to junior Daniel Barajas, Vice President of Key Club, club membership is $15.

“$11.50 goes toward the Key Club International Organization and is used for charity events, membership ID cards and buttons,” Barajas said.  “The rest goes to our school Key Club fund and is used for things like buses and charity donations.”

Creek Crazies members were surprised to hear that the club membership was $25 and thought that more would come from their payment than membership alone.

Members were also puzzled because the official Twitter account of the Creek Crazies clearly stated that the “$25 club fee covers club dues, t-shirts, rally towel, and spirit supplies (paint, horns, etc.).”

Sofima Ibarra, who oversees ASB Accounts at the district, confirms that $719 were deposited to the Creek Crazies bank account in October 2013 for “club dues and shirts.”

“We renewed the club this year, so the money rolls over to this year,” Halva said.  “It can’t be refunded because it was a club due and the people who paid the money were in the club.”

Junior Megan Metrovich was a member of the Creek Crazies last year and she paid $25.

“There was a flier going around that said if we paid $25, then we could receive a t-shirt and a rally towel,” Metrovich said.  “If the $25 was only for the membership, then they should have informed us about that.”

This year, membership fees have been lowered in an attempt to redeem the club after the misunderstanding.

“We are trying to step it up and earn back our name,” club secretary Brandon Miramontes said.

“[This year] the club dues are $5 and you will get a shirt if you are in the club because we have a lot of extra money and we are trying to give back,” Halva said.