I Want to Go to Edina High School

Emma Garcia, Staff Writer

At the beginning of the year, Mrs. Duffel asked if anyone would be interested in writing a blog for the online portion of the newspaper. It sounded intriguing but the only reason I really decided to do it because other people wanted me to.

Anyway, I decided to do it and in the middle of one of my freak outs (the first of many to do with this blog) Aidan showed me a blog by a girl named Sarah Aydinalp, a senior at Edina High School in Minnesota. He said that her writing sounded like something I would like and possibly want to model myself after. He was right. Besides, the school’s newspaper, The Zephyrus, had won a lot of awards for their online edition, so naturally it interested me. I didn’t expect to fall in love with the school.

The first of Sarah’s blogs was called “Broken Hearts and Bagels.” It was hilarious and food-related so I loved it instantly. I read more of her posts and my favorite soon became “Love and Burritos,” which is about a dating service that finds you dates by finding people with similar Chipotle orders. I loved it so much I annoy everyone with bringing it up every time I or someone else is eating Chipotle.

Which brings us to today. I was trying to find inspiration for my new post and went to Sarah’s old posts. Sadly, there will be no more by her because she graduated but since school has started at Edina High School, (it seems like they went back later than us, the bastards) I found and onslaught of new blogs for me to read! My favorite is called “Ansel and Tanner’s Collaborative Adventures.” I have to applaud The Zephyrus for their creative blog names (Sarah’s was called “Sarah Says” and another new blog is called “Chuck Nourrish Your Soul”). “Ansel and Tanner’s Collaborative Adventures” (which I think, I hope, is modeled after the movie Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventures) is written by two seniors, Ansel Smolund and Tanner Sparrow and details the “adventures” they have every Wednesday. I love it.

Another thing I love is the staff page. Here at the Bruin Voice, we’re having a little trouble with deciding what kind of pictures the staff will have to go with their profiles. At Edina, the have the staff in front of a brick wall (something we don’t have here) with a whiteboard. On each whiteboard the staff has chosen what to write. If you look at last year’s, it’s the staff in front of the same brick wall but holding an object, whatever they choose. It’s great and I love it and we should do that. I’m making it my mission.

Maybe it seems kind of silly that I want to go to a high school across the country because of their newspaper, specifically their blogs, but I think I would be happy there. Except for the whole Minnesota thing. I’m not so okay with that. I think I would freeze to death the second it hit forty degrees.