At Least Be Original

Emma Garcia, Staff Writer

Last Friday, McNair continued their infamous tradition of vandalizing the school on the day of the football game between Bear Creek and McNair. Usually this involves some kind of sign calling us “ghetto” and “ratchet” but this year McNair decided to cause even more damage by breaking out their spray paint cans. This ended up being very expensive for Bear Creek due to the janitors needing to power wash and repaint the spray-painted areas.

I have one question for the McNair students: could you get any more cliché?

When you think about vandalism and graffiti in general, you think of spray painted walls. If you want to vandalize something, why would you try to be like everyone else? At least when you guys did signs and threw around trash cans you were doing something. But spray painting penises, “fuck this class,” and “fuck reading”?

That’s cliché and frankly, I’m a bit disappointed.

So next year, let’s plan better, McNair. How about stealing the mascot uniform and getting it dry cleaned? Or cleaning up our field so it’s easier for you guys to actually play the game?

Really guys, anything is better than spray painting the walls and costing us money. Try to do something that won’t get you in too much trouble okay?

P.S. If I didn’t already respect Mrs. La Rue, I do now. After the lovely McNair students spray-painted “fuck this class” on her classroom door, she decided to make the best of it. Armed with some painters’ tape she changed it to “luck 4 this class,” which is awesome. You go, Mrs. La Rue!