Seniors suck

Emma Garcia, Staff Writer

Last Friday was the annual Powderpuff game. It would be hard to not know what the result was.

If you do not know, let me enlighten you. Juniors won 14-6. The school will never be the same. Going into the game, many people thought that the seniors would win this year. This was because not only did the seniors win last year, they’re also seniors and more often than not the seniors win.

I will admit I had my doubts.

I started to have hope when Sabrina Searls did the first kick. It was pretty awesome. Then we got the first touchdown, and I thought that we might be able to actually win this. The junior girls played so well and so did the senior girls. Actually, by the end, I was very scared to see what would happen if we did lose. The game was getting very physical. In a way, it was like we couldn’t win. The girls were not going to lose without a fight.

But the best thing about the game had to be the cheerleaders. Those of us who were there will remember the seniors’, then juniors’, halftime dance last year. If possible, the seniors topped that dance this year. I mean it. They were fantastic. You’d think that with all the guys they had cheering this year they’d be a little more chaotic but they were just perfect. And their Rockett-worthy kicks near the end were hilarious.

Now don’t get me wrong, I loved the juniors’ dance too. I loved the junior cheerleaders in general since I got a beautiful front row seat to their cheers (Bryson Ryan carrying Brandon Pascual is the new highlight of my life) but I have to give credit where credit is due. Remember boys, there’s always next year. We can totally beat out the sophomores in both the game and the cheers.

All in all, the game was worth sitting there freezing for a couple hours. Personally, I wish it was warmer and that I didn’t have to spend the game sitting by the group of Lincoln boys who decided to grace us with their presence (don’t they ever go to things at their own school?) but by the time the boys did their first stunt (and the girls got their first touchdown), all was right in the world.

Until next year, powderpuff.