What are the most dreaded Christmas gifts?

Charles Eure, Staff Writer

It was not the first time Noah unwrapped his present from Aunt Mary — only to find she had bought him the same thing for the fourth year in a row: an embarrassing pair of knee high red and green socks with hearts on them.

Most teens can relate to Noah’s situation. Some families will always have that one relative who buys gifts that are inappropriate for either the teen’s age or style. The last time Noah saw Aunt Mary was when he was four — and for some reason he will always be four in her eyes.

Many students can relate to Aunt Mary.

“My uncle has been buying me a different color shake weight for the past four Christmases,” junior Francisco Nava said.

According to the article “The Worst Gifts” from the “Huffington Post,” the least popular gift for teens is socks. The second most unapealing gift is anything Christmas themed; why have something that can only be used once a year? Third are books of advice because no one needs to be reminded to find their inner peace or that they need a man on Christmas. Fourth are Precious Moment figurines, considering that they haven’t been popular since the ‘90s and look like they belong in a nursery. Fifth are SAT prep books; most teens agree that prep books are more of a chore than a gift.

Truthfully, some people buy these inappropriate gifts because they confuse teens with others in the family or simply just don’t know what teens like.

“My cousin always gets me cooking supplies when I don’t even know how to cook,” senior Tony Colley said.

Also, some who buy inappropriate presents do it for the laughs.

“Every year my dad gets me a clown for Christmas knowing that I’m terrified of clowns,” junior Colby Borja said.

For many relatives, the easiest gift to give someone is a gift card to a large impersonal retailer such as Amazon. Although some teens appreciate this type of gift because it is basically cash, some teens find it to be impersonal.

According to Dave Rozman’s, “What Teens Want For Christmas 2014 edition,” some gift card retailers teens most appreciate are from Barnes and Nobles— for the reader, Amazon— for just about anybody, Starbucks— for the coffee drinker, iTunes for the music lover, Walmart or Target— for the basic necessities, and Best Buy— for the techie.

“I love when my mom buys me gift cards for Christmas!” senior Dominic Laurence said.