Shows worth binge-watching over holiday break

Jessica Dang, Staff Writer

The holiday season is upon us so it’s time for plopping down on a sofa with a fort of pillows, blankets and sweet treats splayed across the table to munch on while basking in the comforting glow of a television screen.

Let’s be real. Binge watching shows is a talent worth gloating about but it can be a struggle to find shows that will keep a person interested enough to continue to watch episode after episode for hours on end as eyes begin to strain and bathroom breaks are continually pushed back.

Here are some quality binge-watching shows worthy of any set of eyes over the holiday season:

Secretly sadistic, creepy individuals will definitely have their eyes peeled on the next installment of “American Horror Story: Freak Show.” Much like its previous seasons, the show captures the poignancy of unorthodox situations that will surely leave viewers disturbed as they stare at the screen and experience periodic shivers and subtle trauma. But beware: viewers may find themselves trapped in the dark realms of society’s freaks of nature and oddities.

“Modern Family” is the right way to go for people having family or friend bonding time. Considered a parody of present-day society, “Modern Family” will fill the air with uncontainable laughter due to an universal understanding of the evolving nature of the word “family.” The show flouts political correctness and is not afraid to expose all of the secrets hidden in every family’s closet.

For supernatural enthusiasts, “Vampire Diaries” is back on with its sixth season. Fixated on high school life and the transition into college life, the show presents a coming of age into adulthood while dealing with everyday obstacles: love, friends and enemies with a frequent showing of shirtless vampires, werewolves and witches leaving a trail of bloody corpses behind.

Adults who are feeling ’90s nostalgia can see their favorite childhood characters Corey Matthews and Topanga Lawrence from “Boy Meets World” take on parenting as their daughter Riley Matthews deals with typical middle school obstacles: friends, love interests and bullies in “Girl Meets World.” Although the show revolves around a new character, the ideals and morals that its predecessor advocated continues.

For medieval fantasists or those who wish to contrast the holiday season with violent plot lines and sporadic sex scenes, “Game of Thrones” has a broad and international fan base that viewers can hop on while exploring social hierarchy, corruption and civil war.

Revelers in childhood kingdoms of princesses and heroes, “Once Upon a Time” is anyone’s inner child’s cup of tea. The show’s fourth season obscurely revolves around characters from the movie “Frozen,” so viewers can get into the holiday spirit by singing about building a snowman while Elsa shows off her icy powers.

Despite the preferences in television genres, viewers will find themselves snuggled with their friends and family, highlighting the holiday season spirit in front of a television screen, enjoying hours and hours and hours of endless entertainment.