Things I’m Tired of Being Asked and Their Answers

Emma Garcia, Staff Writer

I spent a lot of time trying to decide what to write about this week. Especially since, let me be honest, when the semester ended I was a little lazy when it came to this blog. My last post was on December 3. It is now January 15. See, I’m even a day late. It’s sort of pathetic. Actually, it is very pathetic

Anyway, back to me trying to decide what to write about this week. The holidays, as always, gave me many ideas on what to write about but nothing that really got me excited, nothing I just HAD to write about. But then, while having a conversation with my grandfather in Bakersfield, it hit me.

My grandfather was talking to me about college. More specifically, if I knew how important junior year is. Believe me, the next person who asks me that is going to die. But it got me thinking, what else had I been asked over this past semester that I was tired of being asked? From that thought, a blog post was born.

Here is my list of questions I never want to be asked again (and their answers):

Question: Do you know how important junior year is?

Answer: Yes, that is why I am constantly stressed and wake up several times during the night in cold sweats.

Question: What’s your GPA?

Answer: Higher than yours, I hope.

Question: What’s your rank?

Answer: Below the genius people’s who I have all my classes with.

Question: What are the show dates for Bye Bye Birdie?

Answer: March 4-7 and March 11-14. It’s not like I haven’t told you before.

Question: What’s your next blog post about?

Answer: I’ll know Tuesday night when I write it.

Question: Why don’t you get enough sleep?

Answer: Because I have this magical thing called homework.

Question: Why are you so stressed?

Answer: If I told you you’d get very uncomfortable and walk away before I even get halfway down my list.

Question: How are you feeling?

Answer: Like shit.

Question: Why?

Answer: Because my lunch is at 10:30 and the school expects me to not be hungry the rest of the day but doesn’t want me to eat a snack in any of my classes.

Question: Why do you always ask to go to the bathroom?

Answer: Because I have this thing called a bladder and when I drink water or eat so I can survive that usually ends in me having to take a field trip to the bathroom.