The Things That Make Me Sad

Emma Garcia, Staff Writer

Every week, I have trouble deciding what to write about. Well, maybe not every week. Some weeks have things like Powder Puff and bursts of inspiration about french fries to write about. But most weeks I am forced to decide what I can write about that won’t make me want to shoot myself halfway through.

This week, I had some okay ideas. In between Charlie Hebdo and the Oscars, there is enough going on that I should have an opinion about one of them. But I opted for none of the above. Instead, I went back to an old idea I had. It’s a list of things that make me sad. Unsurprisingly, most of them have to do with school.

Although this post will not exactly earn me a Pulitzer (not that any of these posts will), I hope it’s more enjoyable to you than if I didn’t post something at all.

So here it is — nineteen things that make me sad:

  1. Grades
  2. My alarm clock
  3. The little click my alarm clock makes right before it goes off
  4. Every class except for first because that’s just TA-ing for Harlow
  5. That swim practice is starting soon (12 days)
  6. The cell phone policy
  7. The tardy policy (it makes me feel like I can’t go to the bathroom between classes)
  8. When my phone is at 49% before lunch
  9. When I can’t sleep
  10. When I don’t have a new playlist to listen to and hate the songs on my old one
  11. Whenever people think Paul Ryan has made a good point
  12. That we’ve only been rehearsing Bye Bye Birdie for two weeks and there’s already only 44 days until opening night (plus weekends)
  13. The computer mouse we have to use on the desktop computer at home so my brother can play his precious MineCraft that’s very sensitive and won’t let me highlight things
  14. When I go on Pandora and it plays songs I don’t like until I’m out of skips
  15. When Spotify does the same thing
  16. When I have no money for iTunes
  17. When I have no money
  18. Mortality
  19. The fact that the school year isn’t over yet