The End of the Season

Darius Livingston, Sports Editor

Free tickets to Super Bowl Sunday? Sign me up! Every year the NFL promotes their Super Bowl sweepstakes “Together We Make Football” in commercials, promos, and online. Millions watch the Super Bowl, but every year the NFL invites a select few to come watch the Super Bowl live, all you have to do is show what football means to you.
The NFL often sponsors this giveaway on television, promoting the giveaway by showing winner’s stories about what football means to them.

For some, football does not mean anything. They have never sat in awe as the ball is thrown into the in air in a perfect spiral, or jumped with excitement as a hail mary pass is completed.
“I don’t hate the sport; I just don’t care much for it,” junior Justin Layman said. “I’d have to be really bored to tune in to a game on a Sunday afternoon.”

For football fans, though, the sport is essential to life. In fact, football can practically save lives. For many troubled teens football is their only way out of the streets. Instead of getting into trouble in the neighborhood, teens play football.

“Without football I don’t know where I would be in life,” freshman Walter Mammy said. “I would probably be in the streets every day with my friends getting into trouble. Hopefully I can go all the way to the NFL so I can come back to Stockton and do some good for the kids who are put into similar situation that I am put into.”
Mammy is inspired by current NFL players Brandin Cooks and Lavelle Hawkins, who attended Lincoln and Edison high schools in Stockton respectively.

For people like myself, football is life. I eat, sleep, and breathe football.

“Football is my favorite thing to play, watch, and hold,” freshman James McClain said. “I’m a freak when I run on that field. There is no better feeling in the world.”

The NFL hand picks an individual winner and a group winner. This year the individual winner came from Edmond, OK. A young man named Christian had to overcome the struggles of losing his mother and father in high school. His head football coach generously took Christian into his household and treated him as his own, and his teammates surrounded him with love and support. Without football, Christian more than likely would have been in a group shelter with no family to support him.

The group winner comes from Boron, CA. In Boron there is no McDonalds, Burger King, or Wal-Mart − just sand and high school football.

Football has kept the city of Boron united and peaceful. Everyone in town knows each other because of their interest in football. Boron’s high school football team is often unevenly matched against their opponents, but that fact doesn’t diminish their love and passion for the sport. They work hard every day because they know everyone in town looks forward to Friday night lights.

Football is now the most popular sport in America, with over a million people who play football and millions more who enjoy watching the sport according to CNN.

Now that the season has sadly come to an end, football fans are left to mourn for another 219 days until football season kicks off on September 10, 2015. I can’t wait.