Second generation basketball player leads team to success

Kristin Lam, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Named MVP at Stagg High School’s tournament and again at the McDonald’s Classic just a week later in December, senior Andre Green started this season on fire. With a current season record of 17-3, the varsity boys basketball team is hoping to clinch the SJAA league championship and move on to the playoffs.

Green, in his second year of varsity after two seasons of junior varisty, is one of the team captains. Coach Roderick Cortes says he contributes a lot to the team in terms of both offense and defense.

Playing guard and forward, he scores an average of 21.2 points per game. Green also gets an average of 2.6 assists, 4.8 rebounds, 1.9 steals and 1.1 blocks per game.

Skill developed through seven years of competitive play isn’t the only aspect Green brings to the court, however. His passion is another defining characteristic.

“Andre is a great kid,” Cortes said. “He plays with a lot of emotion and heart.”

Coincidentally, a heart that beats for basketball runs in the family. Green’s father played for University of Alaska Fairbanks’s men’s basketball team and went on to play professionally in Europe.

“My dad just let me do what I wanted to do,” Green said. “He put me in all the sports so I could try to figure out what I wanted to do and I ended up just sticking with basketball.”

His younger brother, sophomore Aidan Green, plays together with him on varsity. Considering they have not been on the same team before and it is the last year they have this chance, Green says it is an interesting new experience.

“It gets really competitive in my house when we start messing around with a ball, but it’s all fun,” Green said. “I try to play my heart out every time I go out there — play like it’s the last time I’ll ever get to play again.”

Teammate senior Brandon Moss, who has been on the court with Green throughout their four years of high school, says that it is great playing with him. Moss said sometimes they go at each other hard, but it only causes them to improve.

“He’s a vocal teammate, he’s a leader, and he always pushes us to be better,” Moss said.

NCAA eligible, Green is a student athlete with a GPA of 3.1. He says his goal is to play college basketball, so he doesn’t go out and party.

“DI or DII, it doesn’t really matter,” Green said. “I just want to have a chance to play. I don’t do a bunch of the stuff typical high school kids would normally want to do.”

Teammate junior John Berna says Green is leading the team very well.

“Majority of the time he’s picking people up making sure they’re always okay,” Berna said. “He’s very vocal and respectful. We love him as our captain and leader.”

This year boys varsity basketball aims to go to Arco Arena for the Northern California Regional Championships.