Winter Sports Wrap-Up

Darius Livingston, Sports Editor

After the success of fall sports − five out of seven fall sports had a win-loss ratio of above .500 ‒ winter sports had a tough act to follow. But they stood up to the challenge and in some cases exceeded it. Both winter sports, basketball and wrestling, are experiencing winning seasons so far.

Boys Basketball

Boys basketball, led by seniors Andre Green and Quinn Ryan, are dominating their conference with an overall record of 18-3.

Andre Green is the Bruins’ leading scorer, averaging 22 points a game.

“I feel like this is the best team I have been on throughout high school,” Green said. “We really feel as if we are a family and it shows on the court.”

The team is undefeated in league so far and have won two out of the three tournaments.

“We are really connecting this year,” Ryan said. “We will be able to win league this year if we stay on this path.”
The team is on its way, winning its first five league games. The hardest team that stood in their way was Chavez, who the Bruins defeated 56-51 in overtime.

Girls Basketball

Girls basketball, led by seniors Chasity Davis and Paris Butler, is also holding strong with an overall record of 17-3.

Juniors Precious Younger and Rosalind Ayson both provide solid performances every time they step on the court and plan to do the same next year. Both average close to 15 points a game. Ayson recently won a Most Valuable Player award at a tournament at Chavez High School.

“We are all working really hard this year… I feel like this is our year to be great,” Ayson said.

Freshman Elena Ruiz is not bashful about her skills on the court. Even though she does not start she takes advantage of her time on the court, averaging about eight points in every game this season.

Boys Wrestling

The old floor tango formally known as wrestling is having a very successful season. The boys had only one preseason loss against Lincoln.

San Diego transfer Lance Lo experienced success during his sophomore year at Bella Vista High School, with a record of 32 wins and 12 losses. Now a junior at Bear Creek, Lo expects to contribute his talent to the Bruins to strengthen the team’s chances of winning the remaining matches.

Although returning veterans have substantial roles on the team, underclassman have helped lead the varsity team as well. Pedro Loaiza-Sanchez, who wrestles in the 108-lbs class, is facing a big obstacle: wrestling on the varsity team as a sophomore.

“The team’s biggest challenge is working as hard as they can at practice,” Loaiza-Sanchez said, “because some teammates tend to slack off.”

Loaiza-Sanchez has been working hard all year, wrestling his way to individual record of 18-9.

Girls Wrestling

Girls wrestling has also seen success on the mat and shows no signs of slowing their pace. This may be due to McKenzie Bacich, who recently returned from a foot injury that kept her away from wrestling most of her sophomore year. Since returning Bacich has already placed first and second in two tournaments and is currently undefeated in league.

Abigail Aragon, who wrestles in the 101-lbs weight class, is also having a very successful season. Being named Athlete of the Month in December, Aragon has dramatically improved from last year to become a vital part of the team’s success.

“I’m proud of all the hard work and dedication my athletes have shown this year,” head coach Harold Bacich said. “There is nothing I enjoy more than seeing my athletes improve.”