PDA just ‘part of the package’ on high school campuses

Emma Garcia, Staff Writer


These photos are typical of what students witness each day as they make their way to class.
These photos are typical of what students witness each day as they make their way to class.

A Public Display of Affection (or P.D.A.) is a beautiful and slobbery way to show how much someone cares about their significant other. Nothing is better than having the door to a classroom blocked by a kissing, or whatever they happen to be doing, couple.

Because really, why wouldn’t everyone in the school want to see tongues and saliva flying everywhere while they’re just trying to make it through the day? Anyone who thinks otherwise is just bitter and sad.

Or maybe they just don’t want to see a couple’s sex life being played out in front of them.

“I think that seeing couples holding hands and showing different forms of affection is part of the package in high school but there should definitely be a limit on how much they show because not everyone wants to see that,” sophomore Shawndra Ramjattan said.

P.D.A.’s are sometimes difficult to talk about. Single people can’t tell their friends who are in relationships how it makes them feel without seeming rude or bitter. Those in relationships can’t say anything to other people in couples without seeming rude and patronizing. There’s no way to win.

“I kiss my girlfriend between classes,” sophomore Dalin Nelson said. “I get the feeling that some people find it awkward.”

But it does show how couples showing uncalled for amounts of affection can affect the student body as a whole. It doesn’t seem fair for everyone else when they’re forced to see couples acting in that manner every time they walk down the hall.

Something else that has to be considered is the differing motives couples have for showing P.D.A. during school.

“If you’re in a relationship you should be okay with showing public affection,” junior Cody Evans said. “I show affection for my girlfriend because I love her. However, I know how to draw the line between cute and disgusting.”

But why exactly do couples show P.D.A.? Is it in search of intimacy or even in search of self-worth?

“It’s normal to kiss your boyfriend,” freshman Chloe Johnson said. “You just get used to it, I guess.”

“High school is a place where you’re always going to be judged,” Evans said. “If you always take what people say into account, you’re going to have a miserable high school experience.”

So to all couples out there: keep it clean, use a condom, and know the line between cute and disgusting.