The Things That Make Me Mad

Emma Garcia, Online Editor

To finish off my trilogy of lists, I have chosen to list things that make me mad. Here you go:

  1. When Aidan picks at his fingernails
  2. Paul Ryan (a stupid person’s idea of a thoughtful person, according to Paul Krugman)
  3. Kate Plus Eight
  4. America the Movie (it’s basically a bunch of white guys saying that the world would’ve been worse off if America hadn’t been around to oppress everyone)
  5. George Clooney as Batman
  6. Val Kilmer as Batman
  7. That I don’t have Mr. V for Pre-Calculus
  8. The GOP
  9. Heels
  10. People who get Starbucks every day
  11. That Pretty Little Liars is going to have at least seven seasons (how many can they mistake for A NOW)
  12. Panera employees (does Panera only hire stupid people?)
  13. How gross the bathrooms are
  14. The version of Romeo and Juliet with Leonardo DiCaprio (they have Romeo take ecstasy before he meets Juliet)