Snapchat’s discover app encourages students to stay informed

Snapchats discover app encourages students to stay informed

Jessica Lee, Editor-in-Chief

No longer just an app to keep friends and family members connected, Snapchat now keeps people up to date with current events in a sleek, entertaining way.

Snapchat recently released a new feature known as Discover, where news platforms including CNN, ESP and Food Network publish short bursts of information in an aesthetic form: music, visuals, video and brief eye-catching headlines. Users are able to swipe up to read more about a topic or swipe left to see the next one.

There are 12 platforms in total, and once a viewer reads through a platform’s content, its colorful button turns white. The next day, the button regains its color, and the platform has new information.

One idea behind the app is to address the fact that not many young people stay connected with what’s happening around them.

“Young people tend to be busy with school, sports or social lives and don’t usually take the time to watch the news or read about current events that they often find boring,” senior Carolyn Rieber said.

“I don’t think anyone really watches the news except the older generation,” junior Fernando Martinez said.

Through Discover, Snapchat encourages the younger generation to be more informed about current events. The feature’s accessibility, brief form in giving news and the presentation of information are able to engage a younger audience.

“The app has music, graphics and short bursts of information that they can quickly watch wherever they are,” Rieber said. “They don’t have to sit down and spend a lot of time reading through newspaper articles.”

“With a newspaper, you have to go get it first of all and you have to find what you’re interested in,” senior Abril Huaman said. “They’re lazy. They don’t want to look through things,” Huaman said in reference to her generation.

Having information at their fingertips will hopefully encourage more young people to educate themselves about current events.

With nearly eight hours of school each weekday, along with extracurricular activities, teenagers don’t always have the time to buy a newspaper or look through countless articles online. Snapchat’s Discover feature makes being informed easy and entertaining.