Pink or Blue

Pink or Blue

Emma Garcia, Online Editor

You know that scene in Sleeping Beauty, the animated one, not Maleficent, where the fairies fight over what color Aurora’s dress should be? And they change it back and forth from pink to blue and back again? That’s a pretty good representation of my weekend.

On Saturday after my mom picked me up from volunteering at the Friends of the Library bookstore, we went to Maggie’s Bridal to look at prom dresses. My friend Juli suggested it and she was actually there looking at dresses herself and was leaving as I got there.

I really had no idea what kind of dress I was looking for; my only preference was that it be long so I could wear my Rainbows instead of heels, but my mom and I found a few I wanted to try on. One of those dresses, a light pink one, was beautiful but too light a color for my white-ness. I did not intend to look washed out and sickly at prom.

Maggie, the owner of the store, was helping that day and went and found another dress she thought I’d like. It was simple but still stood out and was a beautiful shade of blue. One of the other workers then found the same dress in a bright pink, almost fuchsia color. I tried them both on and found myself in a dilemma most girls have been in but I had never been in myself, as an aversion to dresses in general is my MO. I simply couldn’t decide what color I liked better. So we decided to come back and decide another day.

Like all teenagers these days, I took my dilemma to social media. I posted both dresses on my Twitter and let people vote. The results? A tie between the colors. Just my luck.

Monday when I went back I still had no idea. I only chose (spoiler: I chose the blue) when my mom mentioned that the blue was actually a dress that I could shorten and wear to a wedding or other event — something that wouldn’t be possible with the pink. The dilemma was resolved.

It’s interesting how a dress can consume someone’s thoughts so much or cause a debate as serious as the one my friends had. Does that say something about the culture of prom itself? That a dance shouldn’t be the ruler in which our high school experience is measured? It’s hard to say. What I do know is that I’m happy I found my dress.