Students able to opt-out of standardized tests

Kristin Lam, Editor-in-Chief

The advocacy group United to Conquer the Core reported that over 184,000 students in New York opted-out of the English SBAC in mid-April according to  Likewise in Seattle, reported that 100 percent of the juniors at Nathan Hale High School opted out of the Common Core testing.

A spokesperson for the Seattle Public Schools also reported that 100 juniors declined to take the SBAC at Garfield High School after many parents and teachers had spoken out against the exam.  Although it is not advertised, LUSD students also have the right to refuse to take federally mandated standardized tests.

“If a parent fills out a waiver for their student, then the student does not take the test,” LUSD Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Education Dawn Vetica said. “ It is an exercise of their rights.”

LUSD Assessment, Research and Evaluation Coordinator Randy Malandro said that a small number of parent guardians submitted exemptions for their students throughout the district. He also noted that there is no official form to complete and that the request must be submitted in writing.

“Parent guardians may request their child be exempt from all or parts of the CAASPP System for the school year,” Malandro said.  “A request is required for each year that an exemption is requested.  We accept and honor these written signed requests.”