BC’s International Rally showcases students’ pride

On April 10, Bear Creek students embraced the ethnic diversity of the school in the annual International Rally. Many clubs — including Vietnamese Club, BC Latinos, Punjabi Junction, and Polynesian Club — displayed their impressive talents, with each offering a unique taste of the culture they represent.

Bear Creek’s hallways are filled with a multitude of people who represent various races and ethnicities. In comparison with other Stockton and Lodi high schools, Bear Creek is statistically the most racially diverse.

It comes as no surprise that Lincoln and Lodi high schools consist of a predominantly Caucasian student population. In contrast, Ronald E. McNair and Cesar Chavez high schools’ student demographics exhibit practically the opposite. Thankfully, Bear Creek is not a sea of ethnically similar students who become unfortunately habituated by the lack of diversity.

The diverse environment at Bear Creek allows students to feel more comfortable in a classroom setting; no student has to feel like the odd one out. Ethnic diversity may decrease the potential for people of different races to experience stereotypes.

Students of any cultural background are able to embrace the opportunity to join the welcoming clubs and sports that Bear Creek has to offer.

Bear Creek should be celebrated for its success in integrating ethnic groups and providing a safe environment for its students; it’s an admirable feat, especially at a high school, to break down social and ethnic barriers.