Dress registries prevent twinning

Prom from a girl’s perspective is that one night where she can stand out with her hair and makeup done, decked out in flashy jewelry, strappy heels and the perfect dress.

But what if a girl is stripped from being able to feel “one-of-a-kind” when she finds out that she is “twinning” with another girl at prom?


“I would honestly hate it if that were to happen to me,” junior Amber Couch said. “Mainly because you found the dress that’s specifically for you and looks good on you and to see someone else in it at prom is embarrassing.”

To avoid this embarrassment, many formalwear stores now keep a registry of the styles and colors they sell to ensure that the same dress isn’t sold for the same event.

Stores like Trudy’s Brides and Special Occasions in Campbell, Calif., use a computerized dress registry and other stores keep track of the dresses sold to different schools on a printed list. Upon walking into these stores, girls are asked to write down her school name, the purpose of the event, and the date.

Dress registries have become the new norm for dance-going teenagers who spend hundreds of dollars — and sometimes more — for the dress of their dreams. These registries conveniently alleviate the stress and worry some girls may feel when purchasing a dress.

“[Dress registries] took away the hassle and pain of having to go out of town just to get a dress that was my very own,” junior Jacqueline Gaspar said.

The installment of these registries not only benefits the teenage girls but the stores as well as it helps differentiate them from competitors.

According to an article in “The Wall Street Journal” entitled “Promoting One-of-a-Kind Looks, Shops Keep Prom Dress Registries”, both shop owners and teens say the need for these registries is the result of pressure from social media and the outside celebrity influence of Hollywood and tabloid magazines.

Adding to that pressure is the unspoken competition that girls often feel in order to measure up to their peers. Who is the prettiest, who looks the most flattering, or who has the most expensive dress? No girl should go to prom and worry “Who wore it better?” Therefore, avoiding duplicate dresses altogether ensures that all girls will look individually amazing in her own unique dress.

However, there are unfair disadvantages when limiting the types of dresses being sold.

“When I was prom dress shopping, the lady I went to wouldn’t even let me try on a dress that someone from Bear Creek was using,” junior Anna Knezovich said.

Many expressed that the registries are a good and smart idea, but also find it upsetting if a girl were to set her heart on a dress only to be refused from buying it, thus leading her to search again.
Those who live in a city that does not have any formalwear shops that provide registry services have looked toward social-media based registries. Many of these teen girls are creating closed Facebook groups and posting pictures of their dress to show to classmates in hopes of eliminating a potential twin.

Although doppelgangers may be a slight nuisance, having someone wearing the same dress shouldn’t ruin one’s prom night.

“You’re trying to go to prom to have fun,” Knezovich said. “No one should stress that much over prom as if it’s a runway competition or a fashion show.”