Artistic talents showcased at Film and Arts Festival

Jessica Lee, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Silence on set!  Bear Creek High School held its first ever Film and Art Festival on April 24.  Students walked into the hall of the theater to a world of art and into the actual theater to a world where ideas on paper came to life as if by magic.

The idea for the festival originated from English teachers Grace Morledge, Chris Ramirez and Laura Brooke who felt a need for an event that allowed students to showcase their talent in respect to film, especially those who created film and art products for their senior project.

“Since we had a lot of students doing films for senior project and we always have a number of artists [we thought] it would be nice to set up an authentic audience, an authentic exhibition, for them so that they could exhibit their work, especially the filmmakers because they don’t usually get that opportunity,”  Morledge said.

Seniors Robert Solis and Jonathon Guillena submitted films for the festival.

Solis’ film “Manic” is a short horror film about two girls home alone who hear a noise and discover that someone they know is in the house.  The film is inspired by the movie “Halloween.”

Solis has always been interested in filmmaking and automatically chose the topic as his senior project.

“Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve always been running around with a video camera saying, ‘I want to record! I want to record!’” Solis said.  “Filmmaking has always been my passion, and I hope to take it to my future. This passion just comes from my love for movies. I love the world you can create and the freedom and imagination you could put into such a project.”

He plans to go to college and become a film director.

Guillena’s film “The Unboxing” is about how a male character receives a box from a wizard.  This box brings six characters together that get close as they go on peculiar adventures.  His screenwriter, senior Elijah Camtugan, came up with the idea.

Guillena’s passion for filmmaking comes from his love for movies as well.

“I did some filming things in the past, and I wanted to do it as my senior project,” Guillena said.  “I like editing, filming, and doing special effects. This passion for filmmaking came from watching movies. I wanted to see what it takes to create a movie.”

As a result of senior project, Guillena believes he has improved as a film director.

“Senior project is a great experience,” Guillena said.  “It enhances your abilities in skills and also helps you find things in yourself that you didn’t know you had. I developed a whole bunch of skills: social skills such as leadership, problem solving and patience and technical skills such as working with computers, editing softwares and filming equipment.”

Guillena plans to major in computer science at San Diego State University and eventually join the army.  He hopes to continue filmmaking as a hobby.

Senior Sohib Ezubeik showcased his artwork at the festival.

One of his pieces titled “Peace in the Middle East” captures the need for harmony in the Middle East and the world.

Ezubeik has a direct tie with the subject of the piece.

“My country of origin Libya was actually part of the Middle East Spring,” Ezubeik said.  “My father, when it was happening, was stuck in the country for a while, and we were really worried about him. Thank God he came back. That was basically my inspiration.”

There are two different aspects of his artwork: the two soldiers and two civilians fighting on the left show the anger involved in the revolution, and the faces on the right show the impact of the revolution, illustrating the sadness and devastation as a result of the deaths and losses.

Ezubeik has always been interested in art since he was young and is fundamentally a self-taught artist, having no formal training except for Introduction to Art and Advanced Art. Wanting to tackle painting, he chose this medium for his senior project.

“Ever since I was young, I’ve been drawing,” Ezubeik said.  “Just recently this year, I decided that I wanted to start painting so I decided to do my senior project mainly around this because I wanted to learn how to paint.”

Ezubeik plans to become either an engineer or pursue a medical-related career and says he will continue creating art as a hobby.