Emma’s Dilemma: ASB Elections Fall Flat

Emma Garcia, Online Editor

A few weeks ago, the voting for the student government class next year occurred. Maybe for the other grades this is a momentous occasion (the junior class president race is heating up, after all), but for the juniors that are about to be seniors (take a second for the panic to sink in), voting was a little lackluster.

Let’s take a stroll around the ballot, shall we? Let’s start with the assembly member race. Every year each class gets a president and four assembly members. So every student is forced to figure out which of however many students running should be in the class. We’re allowed to vote for four. How many do the future seniors have running? Three. Oh well, democracy is dead anyway.

Now the senior class president. If you go to Bear Creek I’m sure you’ve seen the posters for the “Dream Team,” consisting of Anna Knezovich for ASB President, Anissa Ypon for ASB Vice President, and Mason Aguila for Senior Class president. And who, may you ask, is Mason’s opponent?

No one.

Anna and Anissa were also running unopposed. As are the candidates for almost all of the other ASB positions. ASB Commissioner of Publicity will be Sarah Seybold, ASB Secretary will be Jenna Collins, and ASB Commissioner of Sports will be Alyssa Vidaure. The only remotely interesting races were for ASB Commissioner of Public Relations (Abi Aragon and Jack Stensland), ASB Treasurer (Julianna Reth and Megan Metrovich), and ASB Commissioner of Activities (Reagan Sytsma and Vanessa Mendoza).

So basically voting was a complete bore. Even the races that are actually races are still only slightly interesting. This is because everyone either likes one of the people running or likes the other. Each race doesn’t have much overlap. You either know Abi or Jack, Julianna or Megan, Reagan or Vanessa. It’s not some close call that makes everyone beg for the results.

So I ask one thing from the other grades. Please make this whole election thing interesting for me. If you don’t, what’s the point of elections at all?