Sports Madness: 9/7


Darius Livingston, Sports Editor

Friday, September 4 was the first time the Bear Creek football team got to experience what it was like to play on their new revamped Podesto Field that was installed over the summer.

The Bruins faced off against the Tigers in their home opener. Injuries left the Bruins shorthanded for the game with quarterback Adam Feingold and running back/cornerback Darius Livingston both suffering from minor injuries last week in the match-up against Lodi.

Although short-handed, the Bruins were highly competitive throughout the first quarter. Shortly after a fifty-four yard touchdown run from Tokay Running Back Kyle Flemming, junior Bear Creek running back Robert Whitfield answered back with a one yard walk-in score.

Although the intensity of the Bruins defense wasn’t high, it was enough to keep Tokay out of the endzone. An eighty-six yard touchdown by Tokay running back Nathaniel Mcallister followed by an interception thrown by Bear Creek quarterback Daniel Vang that was taken back the other way for six points, took the Bruins out of the game late in the second quarter. The game concluded in a 45-7 Tokay win.

Coming off two losses, Bear Creek remains ambitious as they seek their first win. The Bruins will travel to Tracy September 11 to face off against Kimball high school.