Review: Siamese Street Thai Restaurant

Review: Siamese Street Thai Restaurant

Ju Hee Park, Staff Writer

After a long debate over whether we should eat at a Chinese Restaurant or a Thai Restaurant, my friends and I decided to give the Thai Restaurant a try.

Siamese Street Thai Restaurant has been situated in Stockton since April 10, 2004.  It is located on 3236 Pacific Ave. Stockton, California 95204 with hours 11:00 am – 3:00 pm, 5:00 pm – 9:30 pm every day, specializing in lunch and dinner.  It takes reservations, walk-ins, take-outs, catering and waiter services for its customers. The menu consists of numerous choices of food, prices ranging averagely $11-30.

The restaurant is a place to enjoy Thai food for all ages. The menu consists of numerous choices of food, such as noodles, soups, curries, and different types of rice. There is also a bar available for adults.  

Prices range averagely $11-30 which are all reasonable for the portions customers receive.

Like all restaurants, this restaurant has its pros and cons. From my personal experience, the pros were that the dimly lighted restaurant was overall very neat, organized, and had a quiet atmosphere. We were seated immediately, because we made a reservation in advance, and our orders were made within 30 minutes.  

The only con for us was that the service did not parallel with our satisfaction of the food.  The waitress lacked attentiveness, so our drink cups were rarely refilled.

My friends and I ordered four dishes: Beef Pad See Yew, Beef Pad-Thai, Shrimp Pad-Thai, and Pineapple Fried Rice.

Out of all these satisfactory dishes, my personal favorite was the Beef Pad-Thai, just like the majority of the customers’.

The Pad-Thai consisted of mainly noodles, tofu, beef, peanuts and bean sprouts. All the ingredients fit together like a harmony and had an overall sweet taste. The food was authentic and made with very good quality. The price was very reasonable for the proportion we received. The price was below $20, and we could share the dish among three friends.

The Pad See Yew and the Fried Rice was not as appetizing to me personally because it was either too salty or too bland.

Overall, I think that this restaurant is a great choice for people who are looking for authentic Thai food that is reasonably priced. The entire atmosphere is neat, and there are so many choices of food that everyone can find something they’ll enjoy in the menu.

Want to make the next reservation? Call (209)-466-0130.