Sports Madness: 9/14


Emma Garcia, Online Editor-in-Chief

It seems whatever senior Jack Stensland does, he does well. An AP student, varsity swimmer, water polo captain his entire high school career, president of the Creek Crazies, and ASB Commissioner of Public Relations, Stensland seems to have no time for any other accomplishments. But as he showed last weekend at the Golden Gate Sharkfest Swim, he is not only a competitive high school swimmer, but a competitive open water swimmer as well.

When he swam last Monday in the Sharkfest swim, he came in second overall in a race of 184 swimmers. He also was first overall in the wetsuit division and finished the 1.6 mile race in 35:30. The second place finisher in the wetsuit division didn’t finish until three minutes after that at with a time of 38:42 and the average time for the entire division was 53:57.

The only swimmer that was able to beat Stensland was a thirty-one year old from Fairfax who was in the non-wetsuit division and swam the race in 33:26.

As the winner of his age group, Stensland received a medal and will soon receive a personalized plaque for winning his division. He was also invited to the San Diego Championships in the spring to compete next. Let’s just hope that his competition in San Diego is ready because it looks like there’s no stopping Stensland once he’s in the water.