Review: “War Room”

Review: War Room

Andrea Castro, Staff Writer

Sometimes life is just too busy with school, homework, jobs; with all of these things who really has time to pray…right?  Running for first in the box office, the movie War Room produced by brothers Alex and Stephen Kendrick sends a powerful message about letting God take control of your life and is an exceeding example of the power of prayer.  

The movie features Elizabeth Jordan, a woman who works as a real estate agent.  Her life is falling apart, because she’s always fighting the same losing battle; her husband is mean, only prioritizes work, and nearly cheats on her. She also has a beautiful daughter, but has no relationship with her whatsoever.  Is this all there is to life?  

One day when Elizabeth meets her newest client  Miss Clara, an elderly woman, she realized that she’s been living life all wrong.  While doing an inspection of the house, Miss Clara shows Elizabeth her favorite room, she calls it her war room. It’s located in her closet, she has papers with scriptures and prayers and pictures up all over the walls, it’s where she fights all her battles, it’s where she prays.  Miss Clara asks Elizabeth if they can start meeting up so she can start helping Elizabeth and guiding her; to have her start fighting the right battles rather than fighting God.  You go on this path with Elizabeth as she starts to fight for her family, and becomes a prayer warrior!  

She creates a prayer room her own, and learns that even though she though she thought her materialistic life was good she was missing the most important thing: a relationship with God.  Sure enough her daughter starts to get encouraged by her mother’s prayers and how determined her mother is to fight for their family, and their relationship starts to rekindle.  Then her husband starts to feel convicted of the way he was living, and seeks out God through repentance.  With their marriage stronger than ever and relationships getting better, you get to experience how the Jordan family receives God’s grace and grows spiritually.  

The movie ends with Miss Clara in her own war room praying to God, asking and claiming a new generation of true, real Christians to stand firm on the word of God and his promises and to always fight the right battle.  This movie is such an inspiration to many, and encourages people to stop running away from God, and to remind people that the battle is already fought: Christ had already won.  Pray, pray, pray, and just when it seems like you can’t pray anymore, continue to pray!

People just don’t understand the importance in it or understand the power of prayer, but it’s so real.  Seek out God, really truly seek him out.  Cry out to him, let him see you.  Put on your helmet of salvation, your breastplate of righteousness, your belt of truth, your shoes that carry the peace of the gospel, take up your sword of the spirit (the word of God) and your shield of faith that protects you from the enemy’s lies and attacks.  Know that he makes you a strong warrior.