VOICES: What’s good for athletes is good for all students

It is fortunate that the Sports Academy Tutorial program will encourage athletes to dedicate themselves to academics — which is, of course, the purpose of public school. However, the program is misdirected: multiple sports already have an average GPA above 3.0 (80 percent), but the program only calls for intervention up to a grade of 74 percent. Student-athletes are a minority on campus, one that on the whole takes pride in Bear Creek and their schooling.

A mandatory tutorial program with aid from trained teachers and consequences for failing to attend should be directed at students actually at risk of failing their classes. If the Sports Academy is successful, it should bring the vast majority of athletes’ grades above 75 percent — which would be great news, as athletes represent Bear Creek in our community. However, it would benefit a much larger group of students to attempt to bring all students’ grades above 75 percent.

Unfortunately, it’s harder to hold non-athletes accountable and mandate tutoring. Last year, Bear Creek did implement the Student Study Center for 40 minutes per week, but not all tutees were willing to work with their tutors, as many resented a program thrust upon them by their counselors and parents. Perhaps the best solution is to persuade students that school matters; as it is, far too many students blow off high school as four meaningless years that will not affect their ability to get a job or go anywhere in life.