More than Pigskin with Livingston

Darius Livingston, Sports Editor

Most sports fans would say the more exhilarating and exciting sports to watch are the ones with male participants. Viewers prefer to watch the NBA instead of the WNBA and would rather watch men’s boxing than women’s boxing. Male sports take the spotlight away from female sports because of the often aggressive nature and fast pace associated with sports like football and basketball.

However women’s sports have been gaining both prestige and viewers as recent momentous events have escalated its fan base.

Jen Welter was hired this season as the first NFL female coach. Welter works for the Arizona Cardinals as an inside linebacker coach.

The Cardinals were not trying to make a gender statement with this move. Welter’s resume made her more than qualified.

Welter played linebacker for her high school football team, then continued her football career by playing running back for Texas Revolution, which is a team in a professional indoor football league.

After her brief career in the league Welter decided to hang up the cleats and put on a whistle. Welter’s first coaching job was with the Texas Revolution as a inside linebacker coach. Now she is in the big leagues, coaching NFL stars such as Daryl Washington and Sean Witherspoon.

Another new face in the women’s sports industry is Alex Morgan, U.S Women’s National soccer team member, who has risen from an unknown college player to a one of the most popular soccer players in the world.

Modeling for “Sports Illustrated” magazine and scoring game-ending goals have made Morgan a role model both on and off the field.

Being socially recognized as being one of the Women’s National Soccer team’s best players, Morgan’s on-the-field play has already landed her into an elite club.

Even though the escalation of women’s recognition in the sports industry has been fairly recent, there are still women who have been running the game for a while.

Allyson Felix, a 29-year-old US track athlete, has been breaking records since she was 18. At 19, Felix entered the Summer Olympics and had tremendous success, becoming the youngest sprinter to break the 200M sprint record with a time of 22.18.

Felix has no plans to cut her track career short and looks forward to beating her own personal records.

Serena Williams, 21-time Grand Slam winner, has been dominating the game of tennis since turning pro in 1995.
Perhaps the most popular brawler today is MMA fighter Ronda Rousey. Rousey has been an unstoppable force that no other woman has reckoned with.
Rousey, undefeated in her young career, with over one-fourth of those wins being knockouts, shows no signs of slowing down.

Women such as the ones above are only a small representation of the many talented women displaying great athletic skill around the world. Look out fellas, the remaining days of men dominating the sports world may be numbered.