Clubs on Campus: Film Club


Cody Evans, Staff Writer

Film Club was inspired by the hopes and dreams of it’s President, Mason Moreno, but the task of creating a thirty to forty minute film takes months to complete, and cannot be upheld without the help of a dedicated cast and crew. However with forty-five members and a partnership with the Drama Club, this goal seems achievable. In addition to their personal aspirations, Moreno and Vice-President Dalin Nelson also have the best interests of the club’s members at heart.

“[Film Club was] never an idea, it was a dream. I want to be a filmmaker for the rest of my life, in doing so I want to spread creativity in the hearts of every person I reach out to,” Moreno said.

The movie is expected to take the entire year with a single showing at the BC Film Festival. The contents of the film will remain a surprise, but the club aims to have a preview of some sort at the International Rally.