Clubs on Campus: A special piece by ASB President Anna Knezovich


Anna Knezovich, Guest Writer

Student Government is filled with well-rounded, responsible, and encouraging group of students, all elected in by our school. As ASB President I have a wide range of responsibilities as does the rest of the class that our campus is unaware of what goes on behind the curtain. As a class we have discussions on campus decisions or problems that need to be addressed. Everyone in student gov. plays a very important role that makes the class work.

For starters the freshmen in the class have a big impact on how things are run. We value their opinion and new ideas that they have coming from a different community. The sophomores are also a big help with fresh ideas especially since they have attended Bear Creek for one year. Many responsibilities come in once you become an upperclassmen. For instance junior year is a big change because junior class has the responsibility of arranging the Junior vs. Senior powderpuff game and the big one prom. Since I was Junior class president last year I understand the stress and responsibility to have everything go off without a hitch. My class advisor was a major help, but you learn to coordinate and have responsibility for yourself. As you transition into senior year there are multiple positions open for the class. ASB is the bread and butter to what makes student activities on campus happen. We plan all rallies, lunch time activities including the activities class, court, dances, powderpuff, prom and much more.

As ASB President I must attend the Lodi District Board meeting. I present a report that I share with the board and we discuss plans made for all schools that fall under the lodi district. On my board report I share what activities and achievements our campus goes through. The board loves to hear about progression in any school they oversee. I also get a chance to participate in discussions that may affect how things are normally run such as changing high school starting times. Once I come back from the board meetings I share what happened to the student government class to provide information of things that are happening at a much higher level than just our one high school.

As student government representatives we want to pop the bubble between groups and solidify our campus. We encourage any input or suggestions to make the high school experience one for the books as it should be. October is a big month of events including homecoming a favorite on campus. We love to see all the pride and dedication students have to show love for students and our campus.