Clubs on Campus: Polynesian Club


Ju Hee Park, Staff Writer

The Polynesian Club teaches its members Tahitian dancing, a subgroup under Polynesian dancing. During weekly practices, choreographers and officers teach the members how to dance the basic moves and put those moves into a certain choreography which will be performed during the International Rally at the end of the year. During performance, Polynesian Club members wear specific outfits. Girls are typically seen with a tied skirt called a pareo, a top, and a head piece. Guys are typically seen wearing a cloth wrapped around their lower half called a ti’here.

The club is run by co-presidents Jacqueline Gaspar and Aaron Rugnao, along with vice president Anissa Ypon, secretary Jasmine Irada, and treasurer Martina Gapasin. Mrs. Scott is the advisor of this club and practices are held every Tuesday of the month, except the first week which is held on a Thursday.