Review: Adele’s “Hello”


Emma Garcia, Online Editor-in-Chief

This past week, singer songwriter Adele returned to the music industry after a three year hiatus. She did this by releasing her new song “Hello,” which is the lead single for her upcoming album titled “25.” It has already taken over the US charts for the most downloaded single of all time. Adele’s last song was “Skyfall,” for the movie of the same name. The artist cited her absence to writer’s block but met with producer Greg Kurstin to help herself get over it. Kurstin is producing her new record and co-wrote “Hello” with her.

“Hello” is fantastic. It’s 4 minutes and 55 seconds long and according to Adele’s interview with ABC news, inspired by the people in her life who think she is more distant and disconnected from them than she actually is. The song is what you might imagine Adele’s return might be like, but possibly even better. The artist has reported that the whole album will not be as solemn as this particular song is, but it is certain to everyone that whatever she does, it will be fantastic.