Review: Dynasty Restaurant

Jasmine Frando, Staff Writer

Usually after church on Sundays, my family and I have a short debate over where to have lunch. My brother and I would normally suggest Chili’s where as my mother would suggest Dynasty, a Chinese restaurant. My father doesn’t care where we eat as long as the line isn’t long, which is expectable because almost every restaurant we go to is full after church ends. I thought about my mother’s suggestion and agreed with eating at Dynasty, much to my brother’s distaste. Dynasty restaurant, located on 848 W Benjamin Holt Dr. Stockton California 95207, was a medium sized restaurant from the outside with benches and something similar to tent over the benches.

The owner of the restaurant greeted us with a smile when my family and I walked in and guided us to a table. Fortunately, unlike the other times we ate here, we didn’t have to wait in line. The interior of the restaurant contained many Chinese decorations that left me intrigued. The workers were friendly and welcoming and so was the environment of the restaurant.

Food here consisted from dim sum to lobster to wonton soup. The price range was reasonable, dishes ranging from $6 to $10. My family and I mainly ordered dim sum which was quite delicious, my favorite being har gow, a shrimp dumpling. However, some of the dim sum carts that went around the restaurant would only stay on one side of the room and not go to the other.

Overall, this restaurant is suitable for everyone, especially those who love chinese food. The environment and workers are pleasant, and the energized owner chats with everyone making them feel at home.