Pro/Con: 6th period rallies

Claire Gilliland and Sophie Gilliland

CON (Claire Gilliland):

On rally days, students have high expectations of what’s to come.  We discuss what we think will happen throughout the day, and it seems like the rally is the only thing we can talk about.  However, there’s only so much anticipation one can take before the excitement starts to diminish.  Of course, the rallies get us pumped, but it’s hard to be as excited about it after a long day of classes where all you can hear is discussion about how long the cheerleaders’ performance is or what couples are dancing.  

Students may have been too rowdy at lunch last time we had second-period rally, but all the other times nothing like that happened.  It could have only been a one-time event, and since it hasn’t happened before, it probably was.

There are some problems with sixth-period rallies that were not issues when rallies were during second period.  On the rally day, the cross country team had a league meet, and the students were all supposed to leave at 1:00.  They all had to go to first rally if they wanted to watch it, and couldn’t even introduce their team — like all fall sports teams do at Homecoming rally — because they were all gone for their meet.  Cross country has a big team, and all of these students had to make sure to keep an eye on the clock throughout the rally to make sure that they wouldn’t be too late for their meet.  

With rallies during second period, problems like this wouldn’t arise.  Rallies during second period give students the opportunity to start the day good, and then continue this positive behavior throughout the day.

PRO (Sophie Gilliland):

A rally is designed to get people pumped for a big game or event happening at school. Sixth period is the ideal time for a rally for various reasons.

Having rally sixth period encourages people to actually stay in school until the rally.  Students’ excitement builds up until sixth period when we get to have fun after a long day of actually managing to do some work.  With second period rally, almost nobody is motivated after the rally and everyone just wants to go home or talk about what their favorite dance or activity was in the rally.

When we go to rally sixth period, students can talk about it after school instead of disrupting classes.  There isn’t a chance that students will continue in the mindset of the rally the remaining four periods of the school day.  No fighting and shouting at lunch and less disobeying teachers and not behaving.

If students have late rally, we can go home almost immediately after it’s over. While people with early rally have to wait to go home, it is still better than having rally in second period and dreading the rest of the day. We can end our day on a positive note and get to go home and calm down before returning to school on Friday.

Sixth period rally may not seem too different from second period rally, but it is better for many students and teachers.