Review: Double Dip Gallery

Sophie Gilliland, Opinion Editor

Whenever my family wants something sweet to eat we hardly even need to discuss it. Our go-to place is Double Dip Gallery. It is an ice cream place at 222 West Pine Street in Downtown Lodi. It doubles as an art gallery and my family first went there because my mom had a friend who’s art was being shown there.

Double Dip has about fifteen ice cream flavors and the price ranges from $3 to $5 depending on how much you get. It also has milkshakes and smoothies for around $5. It is relatively cheap and really good. Double Dip uses Gunther’s Ice Cream which is from Sacramento and features art from the Lodi area.

When my family goes to Double Dip, we all love it. I usually get the Black Raspberry Marble flavor, but this time I got Birthday Cake. The Birthday Cake ice cream is really sweet but it has chunks of actual cake in it. My dad got a wine sorbet with actual wine(from Lodi of course) in it and my sister got one of the flavors of the week: peppermint stick.

For my family, Double Dip never disappoints. The ice cream server is always friendly and greets us with a smile. Even though my family has only been to Double Dip a few times he recognized us.

If you’re looking for great ice cream and a local feel, Double Dip is well worth the short drive to Lodi.