Fox News comes to Bear Creek’s theater

Jessica Machado, Staff Writer

On January 26, Fox 40 news shot two promotional videos, one airing in the morning and one in the evening, at Bear Creek High School for their upcoming airing of “Grease: Live,” a live version of the musical “Grease.”

The promo shows Bear Creek students practicing for their spring musical “Grease.”

Bear Creek’s production is unique, to say the least: all the cast members share the limelight. The lead female roles in the play are double casted.

In the promo, the students are shown rehearsing and singing “Summer Nights.” And, sure enough, the lead female role is different in both promo videos.

The promo will not only help draw local viewers in to watch “Grease: Live,” but it will also help bring more people into watch Bear Creek’s performance. The promo demonstrates the outgoing, fun personalities of the cast as it is easy to see their excitement on the stage.

Bear Creek Theater teacher Cassie Champeau commented on the upcoming “Grease: Live,” saying that it helps society become more “conscious” of theater, especially musical theater.

“People that wouldn’t normally watch theater are seeing it on the screen,” Champeau said in the promo video.

“Grease: Live” is scheduled to air at seven p.m. this Sunday and is a three hour event.

Bear Creek’s production will include a live band and will be performing during the first two weeks of May. Be sure to support fellow Bear Creek students when they perform in May and to watch Fox’s production this weekend!